For over 13 years Kent has been creating artwork that analyzes the alluring intersection of the human experience and the natural world.  His work encourages the viewer to gaze from new vantage points and consider different perspectives.



Formally educated in biology and visual arts, Kent’s work is a critical study of the merger of these two disciplines. Kent’s subjects range from animals and humans to abstract representations of emotion and energy. Kent derives a lot of the inspiration for his work through observing nature. “The closer we look into nature the more that is revealed to us about human truths. In a world often plagued by miscommunication and confusion it is important for us to look to nature for guidance, inspiration, and peace.” Kent lives in WI with his family.   

Kent is fascinated in understanding the dynamic relationship the Arts play in affecting large scale systems such as community, society, and economy. This has led to a path of public art advocacy that has strongly shaped the course of his career.  



CATALYST: Catalyst is an experience. It embraces you and immerses you into the creative mind. From paintings to sculptures and spontaneous performances, there is no lack of stimulation or inspiration.Catalyst benefits Art on Main. Art on Main is a public art program of the Olde Main Street District. Striving to ignite passion and conversation by bringing art out of the galleries and onto the street as a community revitalization enhancement, economic development driver and quality of life improvement.


GREEN BAY PUBLIC ARTS COMMISSION: The Green Bay Public Arts Commission (GBPAC) promotes the arts, culture, and creative identity of Green Bay through awareness efforts, provisions and exhibitions. The GBPAC exits to fund artistic activities and support cultural programs that integrate and advance arts and culture as an essential part of life in Green Bay. As the founding chair for the GBPAC, Kent is working hard to encourage the development of a stronger artistic and cultural presence in Green Bay.


THE STEAM ENGINE: STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math that was created to emphasize a thorough and wholistic approach to proplem solving. The STEAM Engine is a quaterly event held at the Neville Museum with a mission to assist and showcase idea makers in the STEAM disciplines by providing a presentation style forum. The event is FREE and offers participants a chance to take part in exciting coversation on developments taking place in our community.  Come the next STEAM Engine and talk to people who are changing our future and expanding our horrizon.


PEDRO THE PELICAN: Pedro the Pelican is a proposed mural in the downtown area of Green Bay.  It would be an enormous painting of one of the areas's most iconic birds, the American White Pelican.  The project highlights many significant changes being made in the community and symbolizes the positive direction Green Bay is headed. 







FOX 11Unveiling of the Oak Grove Neighborhood 16ft tall scultpure.


FOX 11Artist interview at the workshop


Fox Cities Magazine on the Blossom Sculputre




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