Hutchison Art and Design is construction infused with art. Kent’s experience in carpentry and metal fabrication mixed with his professional career as an artist give him a high vantage point in which conceive a vision. A strong centralized vision is what can make or break any project.  Whether it be lighting, furniture, or a kitchen build out Kent’s path to problem solving is through non-traditional approaches keeping three objectives in mind.  A centralized motif, wonder, and purpose.


Kent Hutchison is a artist and craftsman with over 13 years of experience as certified welder, carpenter and fabricator.  Kent blends his formal education as a craftsman with his broad experience as an artist in his non-traditional approach to fabrication methodology. Kent offers the full range of project development from conceptualization and motif drafting to design and fabrication of furniture, lighting, sculptures and installations.

Non-Traditional Solution Making



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​Hutchison Art and Design

Kent Hutchison Art and Design