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A nebula is one of the most spectacular light shows in the universe. When a star reaches the end of its life it explodes into an omnipotent cloud of intersteller dust and gas. The edges and form of which are irregular and obscure. One thing, however, is certain about a nebula they are vastly beautiful.
Much like the form of a nebula, beauty is subjective. In fact there are as many understandings of beauty as there are shapes in a Nebula. Infinite. De Pere’s new sculpture Nebulous celebrates this condition of beauty. Its intersecting curved lines and varying color scheme give it the freedom to be defined in a number of ways. Is it a shell, tornado, or simply an amorphous shape? You decide.
Nebulous is a site specific sculpture that was intended to blend and showcase De Pere’s diverse charisma. Nebulous is completely unique from any angle. Viewers feel compelled to engage with the piece and are afforded unique perspectives from every angle, including from within!
The sculpture was designed and fabricated through the combined effort of three local artists. Kent Hutchison, Casey Early-Kreuger and Samantha Toonen. The artists, having differing specializations, each strengthened the overall Impact of Nebulous through many hours of collaborative work.
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